Artists Ann Zerger, MFA and Chip Parker, AIA of Prairie Works Design Inc. present the art
installation – “Parallels”- An immersion in the play of scale and form from the outside- in of a
Kansas Eco- Arts Sphere*” A celebration of the preservation of the native Kansas grasslands.

“Parallels” is a multi-media installation of clusters of copper butterfly’s, steel grasses as well as
a panorama of still and moving photographs. From a child’s view in relation to scale of the
sculpture, this installation is meant to bring an outside Eco Sphere in. It is a meditative
immersion on the celebration of the preservation of the native Kansas grasslands. Is the
relationship to the land to be as an adversary or as a partner and protector?

The installation will be in conjunction with an artist talk around the subject of prairie
preservation and the artists creation of what they have named as Eco-Arts spheres. The ultimate
goal of this installation is to encourage anyone to create their own Eco Arts Spheres, making
sacred places that use art to return a portion of lost natural/native habitat permanently to its
origins. Each one of us can be a pollinator for seeds that bloom into change, tiny as it may seem
it is something.

Ann and Chip will also work with local art students to create an Ephemeral art piece made from natural prairie materials which will be on display at the opening prior to installation in the Lincoln Art Center courtyard where it will eventually return to the earth.