Paintings by Beckie Vega & Digital Media Installation by Javier Vega

July 14-August , 2023

BECKIE VEGA works primarily as a painter, representing the human figure, nature, and still life. Painting is, for her, an intersection of visual inspiration and introspection. She finds that the most compelling imagery comes from observation of foliage, wildlife, and seasonal changes during outdoor walks. Her underlying concept for a painting is a combination of this natural imagery with a current thought or theme in her life, connecting the rhythms of nature to the rhythms of her circumstances. She finds satisfaction in the connection between the seen and unseen that painting creates. Delving into the language of painting through the medium itself, both personal and well-known symbolism emerge in the process. Finding the balance between expression and contemplation is a quest that drives her artwork forward.

Beckie currently teaches art at Bethany College in Lindsborg, where she has been living since fall 2019. Beckie received her M.F.A. in painting from Stephen F. Austin State University (2019) and her B.A. in studio art from McMurry University (2015). Beckie’s work has been recently featured in the 53rd Annual Smoky Hill Art Exhibition, the Smoky Valley Arts and Folklife Center (2022), Figurative Art National Juried Exhibition at Dallas Metro Arts Contemporary (2021), the homecoming 2020 alumni exhibition at McMurry University, and in a visiting artist exhibition “Effloresce” at Bethany College (2019).

JAVIER VEGA is a digital media and installation artist whose artwork reflects on the presence of media in our everyday lives. His work explores themes of media culture, oversaturation and overexposure, Internet culture, noise and distortions, and the technology that embodies these themes. In some of his artworks, Javier uses the familiar language and imagery of the media culture and technology of the late ’90s. Javier sees his process of creation as akin to that of a scientist, creating through constant experimentation and fueled by a sense of curiosity for what he may discover. Javier’s artwork invites the viewer to engage with technology and consider its physical presence, aesthetics, and effects on our lives.

Javier Vega lives and works in Lindsborg, Kansas. As a recent transplant to Kansas in August 2022, this is his first exhibition in the state. Javier earned his BA (2012) and MFA (2017) in Digital Media from Stephen F. Austin State University, where he served for a time as gallery preparator and taught as an adjunct in the digital media program.