Basketry by Janie Tubbs and Photography by Taton Tubbs

JANIE TUBBS considers herself a Functional/Traditional basket maker.  Her baskets utilize traditional styles that can accommodate up-to-date functionality. She primarily uses reed from the rattan vine for basket making, but also enjoys finding and using indigenous materials from within the McPherson county area; such as, wild grapevine, blackberry canes, forsythia shoots, and white poplar tree shoots.  To achieve the colors used in her baskets, she also dyes her own reed.  Janie considers the baskets in this exhibit to be a reflection of what she sees in Taton’s photography. Janie is retired from Clayworks in McPherson and resides in Lindsborg, Ks.

TATON TUBBS believes that we are surrounded by beauty if we only pause to look around. Light from the Sun takes approximately 8 minutes to travel across space to reach Earth. Occasionally, when he is “diligent and very lucky,” Taton admits to capturing those photons interacting with life on our planet – and sometimes the results are interesting and end up as photographs. Taton is a photographer residing in Lindsborg with his three daughters.